Antonello Marafioti Jazz pianost composer sound engineer music educator

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Jazz pianist, composer, sound engineer and music educator Antonello Marafioti

Born in Rome, Italy in 1962, Antonello Marafioti, Jazz pianist, composer, sound engineer and music educator began playing piano at 7 years of age. By the time he had turned 20 he had been exposed to Jazz through recordings of Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. This encounter permanently altered the course of Mr. Marafioti’s musical focus and direction.

He began his professional career in Viareggio, where he spent three years living and playing. This area of Tuscany, Versilia, has always been an important centre for the arts, (due to Carrara marble), and during the time he lived there many jazz musicians also lived and played in this part of Italy. Through the presence of the great jazz saxophonist Fulvio Sisti, (†1988), Versilia had been visited by prominent jazz musicians including the likes of Chet Baker and others of his caliber. These visiting jazz players not only played concerts in Versilia but also spent time together jamming with local musicians.

Around Christmas of 1987 Antonello decided to move to Nuernberg, Germany, where he soon found many fellow jazz musicians to make music with. In 1994, through the urgings of his wife Stephanie, they then moved to Berlin, where they still live and where he makes his musical home.

Arrived in Berlin Antonello devoted himself completely to music and to his little son Davide who always raises in contact with music, also taking him to rehearsals and Jam Session.
Every evening he goes out to attend all the Jam Sessions in the city and almost immediately finds himself taking over the direction of the session at the Ellington, a historic Jazz club in Berlin, where Eric Dolphy played his last concert. He is a regular guest at the Schlot, at the Quasimodo, at the Parkhaus where he conducts the Jam Sessions on Thursdays and at all the Jazz clubs in Berlin. He becomes part of the Cuban music and Latin Jazz scene and founds the InterJazzional© group in which he works on the mixture of the most classic jazz with Caribbean music. He taught for six years at the Jazz and Popular Music Department of the Hanns Eisler University of Music and toured playing piano alone on the Baltic coast. As composer and performer he takes part in the famous movie “Goodbye Lenin” where he places two of his compositions.
With his agency InterJazzional©, which he founded to support all forms of art and their interaction, he organizes a Jazz festival in Bavaria, the Berlin Week at the Villa Celimontana Festival in Rome and three mini festivals in the agency’s spaces in Berlin.

Antonello Marafioti has not yet released an album in his name. His dimension is that of live music, where he can musically process the energy he receives from the audience. However, he participated in the bassist Nesin Howhannesijan‘s album “Hattori Hanzo” and the “Fructus Spiritus” album by the Berlin-based group Takabanda.

Always in search of new acquaintances, he attended a training course as a sound engineer at the Wave Akademie in Berlin and founded the buenaondastudioberlin.

Another focal point of Antonello Marafioti’s work is the teaching of music and in particular of jazz.

“Jazz, like any true artform, transcends all ethnic, geographic and religious borders.”

Antonello Marafioti Jazz pianist, composer, Sound Engineer, Music educator